Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you ever answer your phone?

This is our number 1 frequently asked question (we wish it wasn’t), the truth is we are so much more than a standard garage and that along with our reputation means that we simply have more calls than we can comfortably deal with. Whilst we are making all the changes we can to accommodate this the truth is we would need a call center to deal with the number of queries we get each day which obviously just would not be feasible. So for now we apologize if you struggle to get through but we are making every effort to improve this. Sadly this does mean we are no longer able to give endless technical advice to help via the phone to resolve your Transit related issues.

Can I bring my own parts?

Generally speaking no, this is because we cannot take any responsibility for poor quality parts or incorrectly ordered parts. There are however sometimes some exceptions but please speak to us when making your booking.

If we do agree to fit any parts supplied by a customer this is a labour-only service and we, therefore, take no responsibility for the parts, if parts supplied by a customer are incorrect or faulty you will still be required to pay the fitting fee.

I missed my appointment can I come now?

Whilst we will always do our best to accommodate you if you miss an agreed appointment it may not always be possible to squeeze you in, we do ask that if you miss your appointment that you let us know asap in order for us to free up your slot for other customers.

Can I just arrive without a booking?

We would love to be able to accommodate this type of service but unfortunately due to our sheer volume of work we cannot work on vehicles that arrive without a prior booking.

Can I get my van dropped off outside of business hours?

If your vehicle gets dropped off outside of business hours or without a prior booking we take no responsibility for your vehicle or contents, the reason we request your vehicle to be booked in is to ensure we have adequate space to store your vehicle safely within our compound.

Is my van/contents insured whilst with you?

Unfortunately not, this is because we are also classed as an ATF (authorized treatment facility), insurance companies will not cover any customer vehicles stored on our premises, this also includes your vehicle contents. Leaving your van and contents is done so at your own risk.

This is not uncommon in our industry but we like to be clear and transparent on this.